Gngelectric supply inexpensive electric bike kits system which allow you
 to convert your own conventional bike into a battery-powered electric bicycle.


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I've started a a little documentary on the E-Bike that I've been building with the GNGelectric 24V 250watt Mid Drive Kit.  My goal for this bike was to make an E-Bike I can take mountain bike where I can use the electric assist to help me climb hills.  What I like about the the mid drive kit is that it can give you the torque you need for climbing by using the gears.  

Here are some specs:

- Harley Davidson (yeah its a Toys R Us Bike but its got full suspension and front disc brakes) 26" Mountain Bike

- GNGelectric 24V 250Watt Mid Drive Kit

- Turnigy 22V 5000mAH LIPO battery x2

-5 Miles with one battery pack all electric

-Still have to test with 2 battery packs in parallel and with pedaling.

Will post pictures later but here are the links to my youtube videos:

HadesOmega's Electric Mountain Bike Project Part 1 - Introduction

HadesOmega's Electric Mountain Bike Project Part 2 - Mechanicals Installed

HadesOmega's Electric Mountain Bike Project Part 3 - Electronics and 1st Test

HadesOmega's Electric Mountain Bike Project Part 4 - Updates and Tests

As of now the bike runs but I have a couple finishing touches I need to do to it.  I'm ordering a different shifter because the shifter I have now interferes with the twist throttle.  I'm looking for better ways to mount the battery, I'd really like to keep the batteries portable so I can just take them with me.  I just solved a chain slipping problem I had with the motor's sprocket.  If I load the chain up too much the chain slipped.  But I was reading Magnumforce's comments on his pictures and he used a larger sprocket in place of the small red tensioner sprocket and it seems to be working.  

1st gear I can about 12MPH all electric

7th gear I can get about 18MPH on flats

If I pedal really hard I've been about to get about 26MPH.

Anyone know how to make a button that will give me full throttle when I press it?  The throttle is only 3 wires, I was thinking this would make a good cruise control, my hand gets tires from twisting the throttle long period of time.  This way I can get a cruise control and when I need finer control I use the twist throttle.

More endurance testing to follow.

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Thx for your great videos!;)

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Your welcome this kit has been a blast to put together and I'm about to take it to the next level.  

I've currently got it to go about 8 miles on two packs with almost no pedaling.  I took it mountain biking as you can see in my newest video.  I broke the chain taking off from a light, I've broken and shorten the chain 3 times and its too short now so I'm getting a newer stronger chain and totally upgrading my drivetrain.  I'm getting a new shimano derailer and a megarange cassette so I can have even more climbing power.  During a bike party I was able to keep up with road bikes, I can't match their top speed but I can out accelerate them.

HadesOmega's Electric Mountain Bike Project Part 5 - Range Testing on 1 Battery

HadesOmega's Electric Mountain Bike Project Part 6 - Mountain Biking Santa Teresa Park 1 of 2

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I have a new channel dedicated to my ebike here.  We're going to conquer all the local park trails!

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