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I had an idea the other day. It would be interesting to have a "internally geared" hub paired with the side mounted motor. It would allow a certain range of gear changing on the motor in a manner similar to the mid-mounted kits. Most "affordable" geared hubs are mainly 2 or 3 speeds. But that may be all that's needed. Perhaps try and find an internally geared hub with left handed and right handed threading. It would probably be ultra rare to find one, but if such a beast exists, it would be the perfact part for the side mounted motor. It would allow one to change the gear ratio of the motor at will like one would do with the mid-mounted kit.

And this would be less complicated and would use less parts then the mid-mounted kit but still have some of the benifts of gear shifting on the motor.

4+ speed geared hubs starts to get expensive. (a 3 speed geared hub runs for about $50-$60. But one with a decent gear ratio paired with the side mounted kit would be greatly benificial. A good hub would have 25% or less on 1st gear, direct drive on second gear and 150% on third gear while using a 18tooth freewheel/cog for the motor.

Another alternative incase a double sided geared hub doesn't exist, is to get a geared hub that has threading on just the right side with the usual double freewheel with adapter setup. ;)

Website that explains what geared hubs are:

Incase you are not aware of them. ;)

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That's a good idea,I considered it before but it's hard to find this kind of hub,and quite expensive.......but very interesting:)

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Interesting  idea but I'm always worry about one and very importent question of safety  .I think that  all the bike we are going to convert is not exectly fit the conversation .The maximum continious  speed   of human powered  bicycles is 20-22km per hour .In our electric speeds all the ditales will worn out very fast  so the life of the bicicles 2-3 times shorter that it could be.and in some period of time thay become unsafe .

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