Gngelectric supply inexpensive electric bike kits system which allow you
 to convert your own conventional bike into a battery-powered electric bicycle.

Chris from Canada install the GNG 2500w brushless trike/bike kit with 22 T freewheel on bike. . Add Video

Thank you very much !Chris from Canada.

Posted by on September 24, 2015 at 10:55 PM 3444 Views

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Reply chris BZM
9:56 AM on November 1, 2015 
Brief Summary of Project:

Converted a FS529 4 stroke pocket bike to electric using a GNGEBIKE's 2500w brushless trike kit. I am using lithium polymer batteries intended for electric RC helicopters as my power source. It is important you have batteries that can handle the amp draw, so ensure the C rating and capacity are high enough. I used (3) 5S 20C 5A LIPO batteries in series to get to the required 60v for the ESC. This setup allows 100A draw continuous max. The voltage sensor on top of the tank lets me know when I run low on power. Top speed right now is 65 km/h, The motor, batteries, and controller barely get warm when I ride hard, so I am going to gear it up to do 75km/h.

I did a total of 10 rides this year and averaged about 8 km round trip before batteries were dead (only 3 remember, and in series so really (1) 60v 5Ah battery. This was a very impressive result for me as based on theoretical calculations I could only do have that distance.

The key to saving energy in any electric conversion is simple:
1. reduce weight wherever possible. Especially batteries, Don't cheap out on lead batteries that are too heavy, if you can't afford $400 in LIPO batteries then buy enough to get it going, and as capacity. As i plan on doing.
2. Always use a freewheeler. Which allows you to coast (like a bicycle, the tick tick tick noise) and save a ridiculous amount of energy. As a added bonus, it feels very scary and fun to coast around at 65km/h silently. No noise complaints here.
3.Ensure your gear train is efficient. That means use either gears or chains, belts tend to slip easily and waste power. Timing belts would work. My suggestion is roller sprockets and chain, Its cheap, and easy to work with. As well as decently efficient. Ensure you tension the chain so it doesn't fall off or skip.

Only issue I had that was minor, but i fully disclosure I will call it out. The labeling of the wires was not very legible. It was hand written with pen and hard to read. As well as on pieces of paper taped to the controller wires. I would expect better labeling of the output wires in future. Luckily they provided a wiring diagram, and I almost immediate relabeled the wires.

Overall great product, probably the best support from overseas I have ever had. I would use this company again exclusively.

Feel free to ask questions,

10:56 PM on September 24, 2015
with 22T freewheel on bike.Thank you very much ,Chris from Canada!