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Step by step Installation Guide

Step 1 ? Prepare the tools

Basic tools including spanner, screw driver and crank puller are needed.

Step 2 ? Make sure your bike is suitable for the kit

To install the kit, the bike should have 68mm BB. If your bike have 73mm BB,please contact us for the 73mm BB. Also note the place of suspension joint. This kit cannot be installed easily if the suspension joint is behind of the BB. Finally make sure the existing brake can handle the extra power.

Step 3 ? Remove the crank set

You MUST use a crank puller to remove the crank. The removing procedures are as follow.(From left to right)

Step 4 ? Remove the old bottom bracket

For unsealed BB, use a large spanner to unscrew the BB cap on the crank side.

For bearing sealed BB, use bottom bracket tool to unscrew.

(Important: the thread on the right hand side is anti-thread! Turn clockwise to unscrew.)

Step 5 ? Replace the spindle

Replace the spindle with a longer one that included in the kit.

Step 6 ? Mounting the motor bracket.

Make sure the crank wheel and the motor sprocket line on the same plane. If not, use some metal rings or BB spacer in between the bike and motor plate to align chain.

Step 7 ? Connecting the wires

Plug in the corresponding plastic connector for throttle and controller. Connect the controller to the batteries. Then make final inspection and adjustments, and you are ready to go!

Complete conversion (24V/36V 250W/350W MID-DRIVE KIT)

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