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24V/ 36V 450W

USD 141

450W Side-mounted Electric bike kits

(24V250W 24V350W 36V350W)

The kit includes:

You can buy a 13T sprocket to increase the speed.

From now on, this 450W kit will include a bag of plastic socket and

all wire will be longer.


Click Documents> side mounted motor kit .pdf

Below is a part of the user manual!

Suitable bike

This kit is suitable for bike with one gear only, if your bike is 18/21/24 speed,

you need buy a special axle on our website to install the kit on left-hand side.

Or you can replace your 5/6/7/8 speed freewheel with a one speed freewheel.

The 3 in 1 headlight

(Batteries indicator, light &horn)

This bike kit is suitable for 22"-28"bike

You can buy a 13T motor sprocket to get higher top speed.

All the buyers should have experience to install it. If not, please do not buy it.


1.Can I install the kit on my 18 speed/24 speed bike?

Yes, you can. But it is more difficult to install. This kit is designed for normal bike, not for the bike that can shift gears.

However, you can still install the kit if your bike can shift gear. A special axis is required (you can buy it on our website) to mount

the freewheel on the left hand side. After you have installed the kit , you can still shift gears on your bike.

On the other hand, you can also replace your 6/7/8 speed freewheel with normal 16T freewheel and use the freewheel adapter.

2. What battery is recommended for this kit?

This kit is 24V, you need two 12V batteries, (lead acid or lithium), or one 24V battery.

After they are linked together, the recommended capacity >10Ah.

If you want to use our batteries charger, a lead acid battery <14ah is needed.

3.Is the kit include batteries?

No, the kit includes all the parts you need except batteries to convert the bike into electric bike.

You need to buy the batteries by yourself.

4.Where should I mount the batteries ?

We do not provide the battery box. But you can install it above the rear wheel on rear rack, or even make a

box(need some DIY skills).You can design whether the batteries can take out or hard wired.

5.Is the kit include a English user manual?

Yes, the kit includes a printed user manual in English.

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