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with little damages of casing


For replacement of GNGelectric mid drive kits

  • Replacement parts can be supplied.

  • Affordable and high quality.

  • Professionals help you to solve problem on installing the kits. 


1.Can I install the kit on my 18 speed/24 speed bike?

Yes, you can. This kit is designed for all types of bikes with 68mm bottom bracket.

2. Do I need to pedal when the motor is working?

No,this kit has build-in freewheel in the crank set and in the motor.You do not need to pedal when the motor is working .Also, the motor will not spin when you are pedaling .This allows you to have the normal function of a bike.

3. Is the kit include batteries?

No, the kit includes all the parts you need except batteries to convert the bike into electric bike.You need to buy the batteries by yourself.

4.Where should I mount the batteries ?

We do not provide the battery box. But you can install it above the rear wheel on rear rack, or even make a box(need some DIY skills).You can design whether the batteries can take out or hard wired.

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