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60V/72V/84V 3000W 10" Extreme Electric Scooter Kit

3000W motor only

USD 362.8 SALE!

48V-84V 3000W controller (can use 48V/ 60V/ 72V/ 84V batteries)

USD 229.8 SALE!

3000W motor + controller + disc brake


Conversion and testing videos

A 3000W hub motor kit is installed in the scooter below, 

Electric Scooter / motorbike motor

With 72V speedometer headlight and backlight.

This motor can be used with voltage range of 60V-96V (stable)

Top speed of 60V3000W:70-80kph

Top speed of 72V/84V 3000W:>100kph

Top speed: Depends on the voltage of batteries.

Lower voltage --> Higher torque       Higher voltage --> Higher top speed (at 84V top speed >100kph)

Motor outer diameter 222mm

Axle diameter 24mm

Axle length 265mm

Tire diameter 430mm

Hub size:270mm 10"

RPM 700-1000(with 300-10.350-10" tire)

motor width 195mm

Max. effiency 88%

Un-loaded current 3A

phase angle 120"

Weight: 13KG

Controller Specification


Max. current:100A

Lowest voltage:42V


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