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USD 378 

Available now! 

Order now (68mm/73mm version) : USD378

Order now (120mm version last 2 sets available) : USD 388   (Do not buy 83mm and 100mm version or you will pay the transaction fee!)

Order now (Optional 32 poles PAS Sensor) : USD 28 with shipping

Directional sensitive. Only forward signal will be translated to pulse signal. (3 pins) (5V, Gnd, Signal)

Please note that you need to program your controller/ Cycle Analyst to make this work properly.

The inner diameter of the magnet rubber ring is 24mm, which will fit perfectly on all GNG ISIS bottom bracket.

It can be directly press mounted onto the left BB Shell. 

GNG proudly present the latest 3000W mid drive in 2019

Controller options:

48-60V 35A controller with thumb throttle (+USD30)

BLE programmable controller with display available in coming months.

Completely new parts for the 3000W motor. BEST VALUE!

Only the best quality components are used and it is all included in the package already (no extra money needed)

- 7075-T6 Alumium anodized lightweight rigid bracket (Never flex!)

- DnP best freewheel (Equivalent to ACS crossfire) (13T drive freewheel and the 67BCD 5 holes freewheel on crank)

- Anodized red components

- Carbon Fibre chain cover

- 7075 Aluminium tensioner with improved design and spring system

- KMC high quality single speed chain.

- Double or triple chainrings available

- ISIS High quality Taiwan Made bottom bracket

- Ultralight ISIS crank set

- Optional 32 Poles PAS sensor (custom controller needed)

- Extra bearing on the crank for extra durability

Package includes:

The kit includes everything except the batteries to convert your bike into an awesome ebike!

All replacement parts are available at reasonable price. No worry for the maintenance.

- 3000W MOTOR

- Double Freewheel crank set (42-42T) / Optional Triple Chainring crank set (42-42-32T) (+USD25)

- Bottom bracket spacers

- ISIS bottom bracket

- ISIS crank arm

- 7075-T6 Mounting Bracket

- Cable tie or horse clamp

- Carbon fibre cover

- Integrated Tensioner

Technical details:

Mounting Bracket: 6mm 7075-T6 bracket


- Max speed 900Rpm

- Rated speed 800Rpm

- Rated output 3000W

- Max output 4000W

- Rated Torque 50Nm

- Max Torque 100Nm

- Rated Amp 40A

- Insulation class E class

- Driver: External Driver

- Control method PWM

- Ambient temperature -15C~40C *Efficiency: 89.6%

Available Versions: All come with ISIS premium bottom bracket

1. 68/73mm version with 5mm spacer

2. 83mm Version

3. 100mm Version

4. 120mm Version

Motor dimensions and drawings:

Centre to Centre distance (motor shaft and bottom bracket): 170.57mm

68mm/73mm bottom bracket version:

83mm bottom bracket version:

100mm bottom bracket version:

120mm bottom bracket version:

Installation guide:

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