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2016 GNG Premium belt mid drive kit

(Compatible with 68/73mm bottom bracket)

Product description

  • Handle up to 2500W power (Mechanical part) (Please buy your own controller) (Controller supporting cycle analyst is recommended)

  • High reduction ratio from the motor to the crankset (1:33.3) provides tremendous torque and suitable human pedalling cadence

  • Top speed with 26" bicycle: (With 48V batteries :~45kph, with 64V batteries: ~60km/h, with 60V batteries: ~60km/h)

  • Triple chainwheel with extra bearing (32T / 42T) For bicycle / 80T (For 219H chain from motor)

  • 148mm taiwan made ISIS bottom bracket

  • Bracket compatible with both 68mm and 73mm bottom bracket bicycles (>90% of the bike compatible)

2016 GNG Premium belt mid drive kit

USD 498 with 35A controller (48-60V 35A Max current) 2500W max

USD488 with 31A controller (48V-60/64V 31A max current)

USD468 without controller

Package details

  • 1x Motor with belt reduction unit

  • 1x 48V-64V Controller with current limit set to 31A (default)

  • 1x 148mm high quality ISIS bottom bracket

  • 1x Thumb throttle

  • 1x 102 links KMC 219H chain

  • 1x 170mm long ISIS Crank arms with standard 1.37" x 24 TPI thread

  • 1x 5 pin yellow electric wires connectors box

  • 1x Three pieces crank wheel 32T/ 42T/ 80T

  • 1x Bottom bracket spacers for 68mm/ 73mm bottom bracket

Whole package approx. 7.5k

Motor reduction unit approx. 5kg, crankset with bottom bracket aprrox. 1.8kg

Motor unit


  • Temperature sensor in the internal core compatible with cycle analyst V3 ( 10K NTC thermistor with a beta constant of 3900.)

  • Thick motor wires handling up to 50A continuous current.

  • Compact aluminium body with maximum amount of copper mass

  • Handling up to 60V at 40A


  • 25mm htd 5m 16T/80T Belt system with bracket tensioning system.

  • 12T/80T 219H chain secondary reduction with redesigned tensioner wheel

  • Resultant reduction ratio 1:33.3 which suits the human pedalling cadence


  • Weight 2.68 kg

  • Rm 73 milliohms (phase to phase)

  • Kv 67 rpm/V

  • Kt 0.143 Nm/A

  • Km 0.53 Nm/√W

  • Specific Km 0.20 (Nm/√W)/kg

  • Rotor OD 79mm

  • Stator OD 119mm

  • Stator ID 79.8mm

  • Stator thickness 25mm

  • Lamination thickness 0.5mm

  • Magnet thickness 4.2mm

Bottom bracket set

3-pieces Crankset

Thanks to the double freewheeling clutches system, cyclist do not need to pedal while the motor is working, and while the cyclist is pedalling, the motor won't rotate. It also enables the motor and the cyclist to work together to output higher power to the rear wheel.


  • 32T- 42T Front sprocket

  • 80T 219H chain outer sprocket

  • GNG Crank set with free wheel and extra bearing support

  • Possible to use with existing derailleur for gears change

  • Taiwan made high quality148mm ISIS bottom bracket

Replacement parts

Though the kit is built with premium quality, there are still needs for replacement parts for maintenance.

We sell every part in this kit so that your electric bike kit will last forever

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Installation tutorial and testing video with better quality will be uploaded very soon. :)

Testing video 1

Testing video 2 

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