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USD 168.8

The front wheel hub motors have holes for disc brake now. There are silvery white and black front wheel hub motor. We will send the colour randomly if buyer do not specify the colour. Please see the photos as shown below.

24V/36V 350W(same price)

350W high quality brushless geared hub motor

Special offer!!!

Only US$169.80+$68(sea)$88(air)Shipping

Suitable for all 16"-28"bike

Can install in the front/rear wheel


(please state the wheel size, disc brake 24V/36V and front/rear wheel hub motor when you buy it)

This motor have 36 spoke holes,please check carefully before you buy it.




Here are some examples:

Cool !!!!!!

There are two basic categories of hub motors: direct drive and geared.

(This one is geared hub motor.)

Why geared hub motor is better?

As you can imagine, a geared hub motor has gearing inside it to reduce the high speed of a fast and efficient motor to the low speed of the wheel. From the outside, a geared hub motor is usually smaller in radius but wider than a direct drive hub. On the inside, they can take a variety of different forms although most frequently they have an outrunner motor that drives the center of a planetary gear set linked to the rotor.

The geared hub concept takes the weight advantages of a transmission drive and packages it into the simple looking and easy to install hub motor. These typically weigh about 50% less than an equivalently powerful direct drive machine, and they often have superior torque outputs. The german-made Heinzmann for instance can produce up to 80 Newton-meters (N-m) of torque, compared to about 35 N-m for typical direct drive machines. There are also geared hub motors made by Sanyo, eZee, Ethinkar, and several other Taiwainese companies.

Almost all of the geared hub motors on the market have a freewheel inside. That means there is very little rolling friction to spin the wheel when you are not using the motor, but it eliminates the possibility of regenerative braking.

These advantages of the geared hubs have to be weighed against their downsides. Geared hubs are generally more expensive, they are many moving parts which are prone to wear, and they generate audiable noise.

The disadvantage of direct drive hub motor.

The one disadvantage of the direct drive scheme is that they are usually large and heavy for their power output. The reason for this is that the wheel speed is quite low, around 200 rpm. The power density available from an electric machine is directly proportional to the speed between the magnets and the winding, so in order to get adequate power and torque output the motor has to be large. In a geared transmission the motor is often spinning over 3000 rpm,

How to recognize direct drive hub motor and geared hub motor?

a geared hub motor is usually smaller in radius but wider than a direct drive hub

This is a high quality COPPER GEARED hub motor, not a normal ALUMINIUM DIRECT DRIVE motor.COPPER GEARED motor is better because it produces less heat and more efficient.All the kits we sell are COPPER motor,if you want a aluminium motor ,you can contact us(at least buy two at one time),we can provide it at a lower price.

All the buyers should have experience to install it.

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