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Uniaxial / one side 24V350W motor include wheel and tire

(for wheelchair, tricycle ,Cart, Segway, Power mobility chair conversion etc)

The price includes rim and tire as the photos shown. You can also buy the motor only. It can be used to convert wheelchair, tricycle , cart and whatever you can think of.

Standard wheelchair use 2x200W motor. You can use this motor to convert 2x350W wheelchair, which is much more powerful and capable of clibing steep slope. The specifications are as follow: 

Outer diameter 78mm

Ratio 1:16.5

Outer shaft speed 180rpm

Shaft diameter 17mm

Output shaft length 60mm

Fixed Rib length 28mm

Rib outside diameter 12mm

Nut 12 * 1.5

weight(includes rim and tire): ~5kg


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